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Avoid Piling on Pounds

How and how much you should be eating to avoid piling on the pounds
  1. EAT SLOWLY. Chew your food until it has turned to mush. This means at least 4-5 chews per bite of food. And no, you can't just take bigger bites so that this is a reasonable amount of chews. Eating slowly helps to keep the amount of food you're eating small and also prevents you from gorging, giving you more time to accurately reflect on whether your stomach feels full.

  2. EAT A SALAD BEFORE A BIG MEAL. It curbs your appetite and makes you feel satisfied sooner, says Nehal Kamdar, dietitian at Raffles Hospital. You'll be less likely to gobble a big slab of meat later!

  3. SPLIT THE CALORIES WITH FRIENDS. Reducing your portion sizes by half is not as tough as you think. Share that slice of chocolate cake with a friend or doggie bag half your dinner for lunch the next day.

  4. IF YOU HAVE TO EAT FAST FOOD, ORDER A KID'S MEAL. These days, a kid's meal contains what used to be normal-sized portion for adults, says Nehal. There's no need to make it worse by upsizing no matter how much of a "better deal" you are getting.

  5. DOWNSIZE YOUR TABLEWARE. It's a surefire way to eat less as this tricks your brain into thinking that you've had enough, says Nehal.

  6. AVOID OTHER ACTIVITIES WHILE YOU ARE EATING. This includes reading a magazine or watching television. You will be less likely to notice when you begin to feel full, leading to overeating.

  7. PLAY HIDE-AND-SEEK WITH YOUR FOOD. When you get home from the grocery store, put the most tempting and fattening foods high in the pantry, at the back of the refrigerator, or at other inconvenient spots. Out of sight, out of mind.

Source: Her World


  1. BillyWarhol said...

    I'm Lucky I don't really put Extra Weight on cept round the Holidaze when it's just 1 Big Mow Down for a Week! I don't do the Double Plate w/ Mashed + Dressing (the Real Rich Kind Drizzling in Fat outta the Roasting Pan - not StoveTop Fake Crap! ;)) piled to the Moon + Drenched in Gravy!!

    Oh Lordy so Stuffed + in Pain i had to hit the Couch for 2 Hours b4 I could even think about a Huge Slice of Pumpkin Pie w/ Pralines n Cream Ice Cream!!

    oh yoy*


    Good Advice!!

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