Identification of Reef Fish


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For a Thousand Dollars

A man is watching a football game, and his wife is in the shower.

The doorbell rings, the man, who is too into the game, tells his wife to go answer the door.

She answers the door wearing only a towel. Its her neighbour, Joe. She asks him what he wants. Seeing the woman in just a towel, he says, "If you drop down your towel to your waist, I will give you $500." The woman, who figured she would be getting $500 for free, agrees and drops down her towel. Then, Joe says, "If you drop the towel down completely, I will give you another $500." The woman drops her towel down completely. He gives her the $1,000 and leaves.

The husband watching the football game asks the wife who was at the door. She replies, "It was just our neighbour, Joe."

The husband says, "Did he say anything about the $1,000 dollars he owes me?"


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