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Hudson River Rescue - Miracle Man

M is for muscle
He would have been sitting and gripping an instrument called a sidestick to control the plane. His feet would be hard on the rudder pedals to control the plane as well.

I is for ingenuity
With no power and airport nearby, he had to decide where to land. He chose New York's Hudson River because it seemed calm.

R is for resources
Experts say the pilots used the resources well. They used the A-320's ditch button. It closes valves and seals up the fuselage so that it can stay afloat longer.

A is for ability
He stretched the powerless plane's glide expertly so that the aircraft could reach the river. If its speed was too slow, the plane would have stalled and fallen out of the sky.

C is for contact
As it neared the water, the plane's underbelly must have been as flat as possible when it touched the water. It is very hard to do that with no power.

L is for landing
As he came in to land, he kept the nose of the plane up and made sure the wings didn't touch the water first. If they did, the plane would have cartwheeled or the wings would have ripped off.

E is for evacuation
After passengers got out, the pilot checked the sinking plane twice to make sure everyone got out safely.

M-I-R-A-C-L-E spells out pilot Chesley Sullenberger's actions. His superb skills saved the lives of all 155 people on board when he made a very difficult landing on New York's Hudson River.

Source: The New Paper


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